Camp Guthrie – Fall edition

This fall a couple of my teammates and friends from the east coast started a conversation about doing a week of training together somewhere. Victoria, Moab, and others came to the table but I suggested the Okanagan and my place for a free place. I didn’t have to try too hard to convince but hoped once they got here that seeing the Okanagan would bring them back.

Everyone is always biased to where they live and train. It’s no exception for me, I love the Okanagan and believe it’s one of the most underrated places in the world to be as an athlete. It provides four incredible seasons and many, many outdoor activities to choose from. A big part of my yearly training is the cross over to different sports. I’m a believer in not only being a good cyclist but a great multi-sport athlete.


Haley Smith, Andrew Lesperance and Catherine Fleury came to my place for one of mountain bike adventuring. We met plenty of other riders throughout the week, like Cathrine Pendrel, Sandra Walter, Anthony Evans, Ryan Newsome, and Keith Wilson. Riding with others who also love mountain biking is one of my favourite parts of the cycling world. Sharing a day with others and retelling the days adventures later on it always a riot.

I’ve never a full week of hard mountain biking before and it crushed me. Luckily we were all motivated, smiling and enjoying each day so we could push through. I did my best to ride different trails and networks each day to showcase the area.

I made sure to have other plans for the week to balance it all out. Wine tasting one, quad and dirt bike rides to uncles trapper cabin, pumpkin shooting, dinner out in downtown Kelowna, Bean Scene in Kelowna for proper espresso, the Bliss Bakery for our much desired tasty treats, and seeing some wineries for their amazing properties and views.

One day we’ll make #campguthrie a little more official and consistent! Thanks for coming out friends, it was an incredible week.



Quad and motorbikes were used some afternoons


Mega group in the Three Blind Mice network of Penticton. Riders: Keith Wilson, Catharine Pendrel, Sandra Walter, Ryan Newsmen, Haley Smith, Andrew Lesperance, and Catherine Fleury.


The trails that it all started on for me; Smith Creek in Westbank.


Showing Doctor Fleury one of my favourite places in the world: Rose Valley trails.


This view point in Rose Valley will never get old.


Riding the Kettle Valley Railway with the crew and guest Anthony Evans (wheelie man)


Views on the Myra Canyon Trestles on breathtaking.


It’s the people around that make the journey.


Reason 235,746 why I ride bikes.

Life at home in-between the races

After getting home from the Cairns World Cup I caught a head cold and spent the first 1.5/2 weeks at home sick. It was unfortunate timing, as all colds are, but it was nice at home and every minute was enjoyed. The two weeks flew by as usual and now I’m in Albstadt, Germany preparing for the second round of the World Cup series this Sunday.


Norco demo day for the new Optic trail bike


Sunday Dinner with the gramma, mother, and father are always cherished.


Peachland, you’re too beautiful. 

Although I wasn’t able to ride as much as I would hoped at home I still picked off riding my favourite routes, saw my favourite people, and did some of my favourite things. I love riding my bike but I also love many other things. Racing my bike around the world is a gift I can’t put into words, though being home is always special. The Red Devils Cycling Academy also started up their 2016 practices. Joining the all the young rippers is always inspiring and takes me right back to those early days.


Riding with the Red Devils crew and Coach Axel Merckx.


Road riding in the Okanagan is world-class, as it the mountain biking. 


The Kettle Valley Railway always gives jaw-dropping views.

The first official application process and deadline for the athletic fund I’ve created with the Central Okanagan Foundation also happened in the past month. Its been an exciting process and one I’m really looking forward to building upon. My goal is to support student-athletes of the central Okanagan in the their post-secondary and athletic pursuits. The chosen applicant for 2016 will be released in the coming month.


My new Norco Factory Team spec’d Enduro race bike; the Norco Range.


Home trails always give that extra smile.

After finishing school in early April I said to myself “no summer courses so you can focus on racing”. Then after three weeks of debating I signed up for a summer course.. I’m far too close to finishing school and this keeps my goal of finishing my Business Marketing program at Okanagan College in 2016 on track.


Had more than a few mulligans on the course, but more in the ball-loosing form. 


Along with starting up school I was picking up some home projects with some continued wood work for furnishing my place with reclaimed wood. One mans scrap wood is another mans pile of gold. Over the course of the past year I’ve build TV stands, wine racks, clothing racks and open face shelves for my little cabin. Another project was restoring and making my dads old motorbike street legal again, which has been off to a slow start but signal lights were installed and the old seat is getting reupholstered for my return home in June.




Before the fire bans were put into effect there was a big gathering of the Guthrie family, family friends and friends for a big cook out over the fire – all enjoyed with some adult beverages. In the days leading up to this last departure the amazing and classic Okanagan weather was creating paradise. A few beach days were enjoyed along with a couple days on the boat.


Celebrated little bro Tom’s birthday a whole 6 weeks early as an excuse to have an extra chocolate cake. 


Giving Back

SPORTS – From the Kelowna Capital News (

Guthrie funds young athletes

Cross country mountain biker Evan Guthrie has set up a scholarship fund for high school athletes - Keith Valentine

Cross country mountain biker Evan Guthrie has set up a scholarship fund for high school athletes

— Image Credit: Keith Valentine

Evan Guthrie decided it was time to give back.

The national-class mountain bike racer from Peachland has introduced the Evan Guthrie Fund, designed to assist young athletes in further pursuing opportunities in their chosen sport.

With the support of the Central Okanagan Foundation, the Evan Guthrie Fund will be presented this year to a graduating student at Mt. Boucherie Secondary School.

In the future, Guthrie plans to include all high schools in the Central Okanagan.

In Grade 10, Guthrie received a bursary in the name of Summerland freestyle skier Kristie Richards, the main inspiration for the creation of the new scholarship fund.

“It’s the first money I was ever given towards my sport and I’ll never forget that,” said Guthrie. “Then the Kelsey Serwa Bursary came along and I thought I can do something helpful, too. I feel I can give back more, to help graduating athletes who might not otherwise continue their sport for financial reasons.”

Guthrie said the fund is available to individuals competing in any sport, not just those offered in high schools.

In addition, applicants don’t necessarily have to excel in their classes.

“It’s not weighted heavily in academics, people don’t have to be straight-A students, but it will be for someone who is deserving and works hard,” said Guthrie. “I wasn’t really good in school and not everyone is.

“I want people to have the same opportunities I had. It’s tough when you hear people have to leave their sport when they don’t really want to.”

The application deadline for this year’s fund for one Mt. Boucherie student is Friday, May 13.

To apply, contact the career centre at MBSS.

To contact Evan Guthrie by email, visit his website:


Fontana US Cup Recap

Ouch. Fontana was yet another tough race and one I felt quite a lot better in than last weekends Bonelli US Cup, though I only placed one spot better – 25th – it was a much better execution both physically and mentally.

Bike racing never seems to get any easier, it just seems to get funner and the ability to dig deeper into the pain cave becomes more and more each race. These US Cups were big races and I had hoped to be pretty good for them, and it’s hard to be disappointed because nothing bad happened but nothing spectacular happened either. They were what I call “steady-solid” races. They weren’t an aim for the season, though you always aim to be the best you can be on the day.

The first weekend in Bonelli was quite a shock to the body with such a world-class field it became apparent you needed your A-game to have a good result. Not that I would call my results good, I just wanted more. Both weekend 70-75% of the field didn’t even get to finish the race because the leader were so quick and began catching the stragglers.

In Fontana I had a much more enjoyable race. It still hurt, a lot. The course had much more of a mountain bike feel and it seemed to motivate me more than riding on gravel roads and grass. Another slow start had me quite far back in the field and it seems like my motor is just a diesel engine right now, so I just put it in drive and started to pick guys off. A quick glance at the outcome didn’t have me excited, but when I looked at the picture and executed my race plan, stuck to my goals and accomplished it’s hard not be proud. I raced hard and there was just 24 faster guys, some of which are the fastest in the world and some who are peaking right now.

Teammates Haley and Peter rode strong. Haley, yet again, proved to be riding quick with a 18th in the XC and 7th in the STXC. She is off to Columbia for the Pan Am Championships this weekend with the National team. Peter rode to 19th in the mens XC.

It was another great weekend of training and put me closer to my focus on the World Cups in May and the summer racing with our National Champs, World Cups and World Champs.

Another stellar weekend for Canada with multiple podiums in the men’s and women’s pro cross-country and short track races. My training buddy Mckay Vezina threw down and took a second in pro men’s Super D on Saturday and 4th in pro mens DH Sunday after a bobble. The Vezina family was taking great care of me as my support team for the weekend again. Cycling BC took over as my pit crew with feeds and support as well, thank you to all those people who make the racing life easier for me!


Men –

Women –

Thanks to Sho-Air for making these races possible!!!

Race video from the men and women:

All photos below from Papa Chris Vezina:



Dusty? nah…



Live video streaming by the chopper.



Teammate Peter Disera rode strong to 19th.




Short track cross-country race


Mckay on the Super D podium




Post race hose showers are key when getting into the car and driving two hours.