2018 Team:











Title Sponsors:


Victor Logo  Victor Projects

“Victor Projects has joined as a sponsor for my 2015 season. They are a commercial real estate development company and have completed major projects in the Okanagan, like the McCurdy Corner in Rutland and Vineyard Estates in Westbank. I’m grateful to have such amazing support and I thank Victor Projects for helping me out this year.”



Kal Tire

“Kal Tire is local to Vernon and has been there since 1953. They are Canada’s largest independent tire dealer, North America’s largest commercial tire dealer, and is a global leader in mining tire service and supply. It’s a privilege to have their support in my cycling aspirations. Partnering with such a driven and passionate local company is a similarity we share.”


Presenting Sponsors:



The Bike Barn

“The Bike Barn has been helping me since 2006. I would never have had the results or best tuned equipment without their long standing support. I’ve also been fortunate to have worked at The Bike Barn from 2010-2012. I consider everyone at the shop as great friends.”

Gorman Logo2

 Gorman Bros. Lumber

“Having Gorman Bros. join as a sponsor holds a great deal, as my grandad worked in his early years there and my great uncle spent his entire career with Gormans. During my early years in soccer Gormans was instrumental with their support towards all teams in Westbank. We flew the logo on the soccer jerseys and I am proud to once again be flying their logo in my cycling pursuits. Gorman Bros. produces the finest boards in the world and are local to Westbank, almost a stones throw from where I live. I look forward to the future with Gormans and am very thankful to have such a well-known company be supporting my athletic pursuits through 2016”.



logo_dissentDissent Labs

“Dissent Labs is a leading brand in compression and sock gear. With world-class athletes in motocross, skiing, and cycling, I am honoured be have become part of their family. This season I will be wearing the most comfortable socks my feet have ever felt, while also being in the most stylish position they’ve been sighted in . With all the long travel that happens throughout my season I am not worried about having blood-filled legs anymore thanks to the compression tights. My feet are a sacred place when spending hours on the bike and I am not worried about my feet bothering me anymore. Clothing is now becoming more crucial in sports nowadays and Dissent Labs has hit the spot on balancing performance, comfort, and style.”



 Okanagan Health and Performance

“I have been a client at OHP since 2008, where they sponsored a local road team I was apart of.  Since then I have chosen to work with OHP through cycling injuries and overuse issues. One of the first things I do before and after a cycling trip is stop by the clinic. Having a team of professionals who not only care and take an interest in my cycling but also fix me up is a key part in my day-to-day life. Dr. Schmidt has been gracious enough to help in more ways than just Chiropractic. I’m confident that when I go in, no matter who I see, that I will come out feeling better. Huge thank you to the whole team. I enjoy every visit and believe in their mission to optimize health and performance.”




Wave Physio

“Greg Redman has been phenomenal in helping me work out some longtime issues and also creating a plan in moving forward to avoid injury and overuse. Greg was a national team athlete for 8 years himself and is the currently the Head Physiotherapist for Golf, Canoe/Kayak and the Freestyle Ski National Teams for Canada. We’re lucky to have Greg in Kelowna and I’m thrilled to have such a great team at Wave supporting my future as an athlete.”



New-BYB-Logo-2014Backyard Beans

“Backyard Beans is a micro roastery in Summerland, BC. The owners and myself share the passion of cycling. We connected at a bike race that supports Canadian Humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia. I love coffee and I’m fortunate to have the support of Backyard Beans. Coffee is part of the cycling culture and I’m happy to be drinking ethically correct beans from around the globe that are roasted minutes from home. Thank you Backyard Beans!”






“Investors.ca has helped me step up to the next level in the pursuit of being a professional athlete with this website, flights and support of my goals”




“Family has gotten me everywhere in life and I can’t thank them enough. Without all their support and love, I don’t believe I would have the passion and drive for cycling like I have now. I am, and always will be, thankful for all that has been given and all that has been supported. I love my family.”







Cycling BC

“Since my first mountain bike race in 2003 Cycling BC has been there and allowed to me to not only compete, but progress to where I am now. In the winter of 2007 Richard Wooles arrived from Europe with his new position of CBC. He ran a camp that January(when I didn’t know cyclist rode in the winter) and since then he has been one of my deepest and most believing supporter. Through years of camps, projects, coaching, testing and clinics I have been able to improve dramatically. I am a huge support in what Cycling BC is doing right now to promote cycling and give others the chance like I had to make a cycling dream become a reality. Thank you Cycling BC for everything!”


Sponsorship Opportunities

If interested in being involved with a young, outgoing, community involved individual I would love to hear from you!I am always looking to add to my list of supporters and sponsors. I work hard and do my best to make the support and sponsorship I receive worth the investment to help grow your business.

Please feel free to send me a message here


I support:





” We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport™ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.” – KidSport Canada.












“Our mission is to relieve poverty through the provision of safe water, sanitation, education, sustenance, and shelter to families in need around the world.” – Rally4life. A cause I fully support and hope to see grow. Please check out my fund-raising page in the link HERE. See video HERE.


 Test of Humanity

“The intention of the race is to raise money for Canadian Humanitarian and provide assistance to the local South Okanagan Food Bank. All financial proceeds from the race will be used to support Canadian Humanitarian and its projects in Ethiopia.”  – Nic and Shei Seaton

Racing for a purpose is why I support this wonderful event, which in turn supporters a wonderful cause. I’ve taken part each year and along with it being one of the best events I attend all year, it is continually raising more money each year.




I’ve seen too many people affected by cancer. Loosing one of the most important people to me, my grandad George, seeing one of my best friends diagnosed at age 21 and knowing far too many families affected leaves me wanting to help raise awareness and raise money to help.

Join me in the fight: mobro.co/evanguthrie






Race Clean

Own your victory – a slogan that says it all. I race bikes because I love it and would never jeopardize a true victory with cheating. The sport has been tainted in the past and we’re here to change the future. Canada is at the forefront of pushing clean sports and I’m happy to be part of the movement!