Off-season Photo Essay

Richard Wooles and his daughter Zoe present a cheque to Cycling Canada for youth development. This was raised over 14 days and during the Evening of Champions Fundraiser. I’ve been fortunate to be involved with this gala for 4 years and am amazed with how many supportive people are out there. 

The athletes at the gala.

This fall I’ve been eating a lot of breakfasts’ out in the bush during my hunts

There was a lot of wood splitting and stacking to keep the home warm this winter
Slowly but surely the yard piles up with wood after the winter gets closer

Sunrise with friends in the peace and quiet is great way to start the day.Helping friends with house reno’s
A night spent at my uncles trapper cabin  with the proper wood stoveThe lazy was to good view points

New video coming soon with Raceface. Photo: Niall Pinder

Fall in the Okanagan is lovely and never gets old

Canmore is a beautiful place and I was happy to get some of last outdoor rides of 2017 there.
Ha Ling peak in Canmore was littered with snow in October already.

Last week my buddies and I set off for a 5 day most hunt. There was 7 people, 4 trucks, 2 quads, 1 tent trailer, and 25 moose spotted, but none that we could harvest.

Basecamp for our 2017 moose hunt

The tent trailer was tight with 4 guys in it and cold as heck. This is a summer trailer and not fully sealed. Luckily we had a propane furnace to keep the temperates from getting below 0. 

Afternoon lunch with Captain Keaton under a rock while we took shelter was the snow and heavy winds.

We had one beautiful day out of five.

Loving life

When 3 day old crab shows up on the campfire, you know the boys are doing it properly.
This just about says it all; foggy, cold, windy, snowy, and no animals.

Nothing went too wrong on the trip other than two quads running out of gas, two guys getting stuck in the ditch and spending the night in the truck, running out of spare fuel, and then the day after we got home two of the hunting party get stuck far out of town and three of us when to rescue them. One trip for the memory books.

The bears are still wondering around behind the house.

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