National XC Champs

Saturday was one of the bigger races on the schedule this year; National Cross-Country Mountain Bike Championships are important in Canada and every rider comes with their A-Game. I had one of the best feeling races this year and spent all day chasing in 4th place before fading to 5th on the final lap. Some could say it’s disappointing but I finished absolutely smashed and was happy with the ride. Not often do I come home, lay on the ground, curl up in a ball and eventually throw up. That was me for the few hours after, totally spent.  

I couldn’t believe the support from fans and volunteers out there. They helped push me and kept that smiling game face on. Canmore has hosted the best Nationals I’ve been to in years – thank you everyone. 

On Sunday the BC crew had multiple teams in the relay event and came away with the win. 

This week is the final prep before starting Singletrack 6 in Golden on July 28th. 

Race results:

Timed DH Results:

Thursday before the race there was a “ride with the pros” event for the kids Thanks to all the other elite riders who came out for this kids event Look how many kids were out!

Saturday as XC race day and finally had some of the best legs this year! Photo John Gibson

Photo by John Gibson

Finish line foot-plant is my signature for Canmore. Photo: Aidan Brown

Podium time in the evening after racing wrapped up. 


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