Canadian Enduro National Champs

This past weekend was the first-ever Canadian National Enduro Championships, which were held in Panorama, BC and run by the Canadian Enduro Series. I love these events and how they bring everyone together for a best day ever. This discipline has really grown the past few years and it was a huge step forward to have a National Championship event. 

This was my fourth enduro race of the season and it went very well. I rode efficient and didn’t risk any self-made mechanicals or crashes. This consistency landed me with one stage win and a third overall. Remi Gauvin won and my buddy Mckay Vezina was second. Both riders are Enduro World Series athletes on pro Enduro teams, so I was pleased to be next up behind them. 

The first time I visited Panorama it was 2004 as a 13 year old, during my first full season of racing BC Cup cross-country races in. Fourteen years later I came back and had my first Senior aged podium (above 23 years old) at a National Championship – that was a long one to finally tick off. It only seems fitting that I finished third on the weekend, as back in ’04 I also finished third. 

There was a lot of smiling racers at the end of the day. It was  massive feat for anyone to finish the 52 km with 3,700 M of descending and 2,300 M of ascending. 

Full event recap HERE

Pre-practice day riding the Lillian Lake trails with this lady. 

Practice day with a stop just below the alpine on this 8 km descent.

Need I say more? Friends, bikes, mountains, and good weather!

Race day pedal up into the alpine for stage 2. 

Top of stage 2 with our crew for the day before dropping in. 

L to R: Myself, Remi, and Mckay 

Photo: James Cattanach

Photo: James Cattanach

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